About Us

Hey y'all!! Have you ever wondered, "What's better than sweet tea?" Well here's your answer! Sweet T's VNTG and Thrift was started in 2022 in Jackson, Mississippi. I started to find myself when I discovered the world of vintage and thrifted fashion. Out of everything I could choose from, I gravitated toward tees. With so many different colors, sizes, designs, brands, and genres, I found solace in being able to show off my creativity and emotions, in a way that I had never before been able to. These feelings inspired me to want to provide others with the same experience and opportunity to gain and/or enhance their self confidence and provide them with a sense of self expression. So, with that being said, come shop with me and let's get you some SWEET TEES! The best part is, there's no risk of cavities! Happy shopping!  -Taylor